Inspiration admission

Well this has been to long in the coming/making, i finally have a basic design i want to learn and grow with as i progress in my design skills. What i have learnt so far has been made easier by the masters of standards based wed design.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. – Sir Isaac Newton

If it wasn’t for the likes of David Shea and his efforts with the aclaimed CSS Zen Garden in bringing graphic designers from all around the world into one place for us to all learn and gaze in awe then i would still be lost. I can’t forget also Jeffery Zeldman, Eric Meyer whoose books have made the journey oh so much easier, My praises go also to Dan Cederholm and also the Sitepoint crew who have taken on the huge challenge of keeping everybody at the forefront of web design. So i thought it a fitting tribute to make my first post one of thanks, because i have only come this far with their help… period. Finally i couldn’t help but think of what Sir Isaac Newton had to say so many years ago… er… 278 years to be precise.