Adventures in Kata

We have time to slaughter before we can check into our hotel in Kata so after quick conference, some might say coercing, we all agree that a foot massage at the gorgeous shop next door might be just the thing to pass an hour. It costs $9 each for an hour of real reflexology, tiger balm rub and even a quick shoulder and neck rub at the end as a bonus. To start we are given a sweet drink of pandanus, light and refreshing and probably very good for you, and at the end ginger and honey tea. No tea bags here. It’s made with ginger root, steeped for hours. The guys weren’t all that keen on this whole idea – probably wouldn’t want the blokes back home to know about it – but this was actually no stroll in the park, especially for Justin. We are lined up in chairs side by side, and the girl doing Jus feels compelled to use her elbow into the shin and calves -“strong leg, strong leg,” she kept saying – whereas our girls simply used their hands. She was actually amazing and I reckon if you needed anything loosened up she’d be your gal!

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No smilesky, No thanksky!

Most would agree holidays are happy times. You know, they are meant to be a break from the ho hum, an escape from the boss, sun, sand etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum.

Well, a short study of different nationalities on holidays here in Thailand reveals enormous disparity in the fun factor – and you will need to excuse my broad generalisations to follow as there are always exceptions. The Aussies are great fun. I’m not talking about the loud, partying Aussie but the family guy, the retired couple, and so on. These are pleasant, ready with a smile, polite and most importantly, kind to the locals.

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