Railay Relaxing!

Railay Beach is only reached by boat and reaching it is, what some may call, a little convoluted. A long ferry ride of two and a half hours takes us to Ao Nang, where we transfer to a couple of tuk tuks, and then a long tail boat to our destination. A long tail is a wooden boat that holds between ten and twenty people. It has a wooden proboscis at the front that reaches skyward. The motor on the back has a long beam that extends way out into the water with the propeller on it, hence the name “long tail.”

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Scam Land & Thai Food Heaven

Food glorious food. There goes our 3 week no alcohol pre-holiday diet!

Love a 7-11 overseas .. just so interesting! Picked up some Yakult appropriately named Meiji after my nickname Migie! Brought back memories of having these as a kid. Anyway all good for bacteria especially after being crammed in with a bunch of party going Australians on the flight here. Couldn’t resist the sago and coconut strips in a cup so nice and sweet.

Refused to have McDonald’s for breakfast although Justin succumbed. I was saving myself. However we apparently won a prize of possibly a new iPhone 5 and were scouted along to a hotel and were given a 2 hr presentation on being a member of a holiday program with Absolute. 10k asking price which of course wasn’t told to you til after and you had to wait til then to see which prize you got. Apparently it’s quite rare to get what I got but now I’m not so sure. We won a weeks free accommodation in Thailand by the way.

So back to my food blog. Went to restaurant called number 6 where all the local Thai kept telling us to go. Fried morning glory, and since no one wanted to share fish with me, a whole fried fish all to myself with sweet chilli and garlic oh so yum. The fish was so crunchy that you could munch on the edges like chips oh yes this is Thailand.

the Asian in me got some fried rice

By the way last night when we got in it was so late but needed some food so the Asian in me got some fried rice knowing its most likely a safe bet stomach wise. It was seafood and had prawns and had the breath if the wok and was just right. Small portion sizes here by the way.

Getting hot so I picked up a soft serve then there was the dreaded dentist. After street food at Banzaan markets.

Justin and I ate for the equivalent of $8 all together the following:

  • Mango apple banana smoothie
  • Mango pineapple banana smoothie
  • Beef pork chicken skewers
  • Thin rice noodles
  • Large rice noodles
  • Banana rice cake & steamed cake

Tell you what it was luxury 🙂

more groaning pain like he was having a heart attack

Nothing like flame grilled skewers by the way. We got to the hotel and I went to the shower straight away it was so hot. I told Justin to just start eating. So I’m hearing mmm yums from him just loving these skewers. Then I hear a hiccup and another, strange. Then more of a groaning pain. I shout are you okay. And then more groaning pain like he was having a heart attack. I rush out absolutely freaked out the hyperchondriac that I am. Justin’s there red faced by the bar fridge desperately drinking water and slurping the last of my smoothie. Ate the hottest chilli of my life, he manages to say in between gasping. He literally couldn’t hardly breath running around. Didnt have any dairy so we stripped him off and put him under the cold shower. Funny thing to do now that I think about it and probably has no sound backing but chilli is hot and shower is cold.

Poor guy nearly dying and I’m laughing

He says, I thought it was a capsicum. I crack up laughing. Poor guy nearly dying and I’m laughing. Here he was gobbling down the skewers with glee. He grabbed a chilli and gave it a good old chew. I gingerly tried one on the other skewer. What I mean is that I gave the remaining chillis a cautious lick. Hmm not so hot. Then i gave it a little bite and yes it was hot. I said, so you chewed down an entire one of these? Justin says yes and said that it felt his mouth was going to explode. It wasn’t just the chilli factor but the pain factor was huge!! Well I’ve never had that reaction before but don’t think I was ready for that tonight so l left most of the chilli and went on my merry way eating around it.

Those banana steamed rice things were just gorgeous by the way. Sweet sticky and salty. Yes slightly salty but it was a dessert thing. I guess a little like salt in chocolate. Served with fresh shredded coconut mmmmm. Must find a recipe.

Dentists & Thai Street Food

Well it’s great to be here finally, it seemed to take longer than the 9 hour flight. Perhaps because the day started at 5am and didn’t finish until 2:30am in the morning the next day, a whole 21 hours of awake.

The weather is hot, just a statement of fact that I’ll put out there first up.

We are staying in Patong in on hotel called Fundee, it literally means sweet dreams in Thai. The beds are rock hard but that suits me anyway. The air con is cool so that’s the main thing.

Our purpose of being here is to visit the dentist… yeah not something on everyones holiday plans but having said that “medical tourism” is a growing industry. Mary found a reputable Dentist to get all our work done. I personally need four fillings… such fun. I just got a clean today but have an appointment next week.

Poor mum and dad… well who to start with? Ok Dad… He needs half his head filling and four teeth ripping out. They want him to get some screw in teeth, but that’s a six month process, a good excuse to come back to Thailand and cost effective. Given that one tooth in Australia would be $10,000 to get done whereas here he could get all four done for that price.

Mum cruised through the dental check and didn’t need any work doing however she wanted some “elective” work done. That turned out to be a painful experience. Now you wouldn’t think so but getting laser teeth whiting can make some teeth extremely painful and sensitive for 24 hours. Poor mum had a couple of teeth that we’re excruciating. She said it was like an electric shock of pain in the tooth… I believe her too because she was jolting up and lurching forward like a tuktuk on a potholed road every time the shooting pain in the teeth occurred. I did my best at sympathy but it was a funny sight, I’m sorry mum.

So after our afternoon at the dentist I wasn’t in the mood for much exploring but we stumbled across one of the best street food markets I have yet come across in Asia. We ordered 3 chicken, beef and pork skewers cooked on coals, 2 Pad Thai style noodle dishes, 2 fresh juices and a few Asian style desserts all for $8AUD. So good.

That’s day one.