The Mediterranean Beckons

The plan was to look at some of the local shops but they are very limited so it was a much better option to lie on the beach and swim in the Mediterranean.  It was lovely, cool but crystal clear.  It’s a warm day. We met the English congregation back in Constanti (Tarragona) at 5.00pm for field service. Their English speaking territory consists mainly of immigrants from Ghana and Nigeria.  There is plenty of return visits and Bible studies. We were glad to know the pioneers we work with on this side of the world, have the sophisticated custom of stopping for a coffee too!

Turquoise Mediterranean

Today we take a trip to Tarragona, 35 minutes north of us towards Barcelona and the first
Roman settlement in Spain, built in 2 BC. The ancient walled city exists inside the sprawling, more modern city. Augustus lived and ruled from here. We walked around the remains of a Colosseum, temple and amphitheater. The Romans knew where to build too, location, location, location as they say. The ruins are right on the coast with magnificent views of the turquoise Mediterranean.