Massages in Thailand

I had another refreshing sleep here under our mosquito net with the front bedroom doors wide open. It must’ve been high tide though last night because the waves were especially loud I kept thinking it was raining hard.

Great sleep was probably aided by the great massage last night. A Thai lady named Elle who has worked for the Railay Beach Club for 4 years now came to our house at 8pm. She had a big cushioned mat, aloe vera, frangipani massage oil & tiger balm. It was the best massage I’ve had the whole trip and will definitely have another before we leave.

The massages here are good but seem to be done on auto-pilot only. They do have the ability of knowing your sorest spots. When they tried to stretch Justin’s hamstring, ooo very tough, they say with a frown and a point of the finger. This was doing the Thai massage in Kata by the way. The girl that was doing Justin had such an annoyed look on her face – Justin is the least stretchy person I know and he just can’t be bent that way girlfriend. She looked defeated in the end. Meanwhile my girl also found my sore spots, oh sore shoulder she nods with wisdom, looks at the time, oh well time to move on to calf muscles where no problem exists whatsoever. During the end of this first (and last) Thai massage I’m sitting up and she is propped on my shoulder pushing her weight over my head trying to make me bend and touch my toes. Meanwhile Justin is yelping next to me as he is concorted in an equally strange fashion. I think to myself, what on earth are we doing here. Just then my massage lady yells out loud in a climatic end to this torture “massage is good for you!” as she twists my back and tries to crack it. Finally it’s over. Justin and I look at each other in shock. When we leave our curtained room we see an Aussie girl look up at us also with a shocked look on her face apparently having heard all the noises coming from our room, thanking herself that she chose the foot massage option only. We leave, sore spots no better, albeit somewhat stretched (in my case anyway), but wiser in the world of Thai massage. Oh and my lady told me my first child would be a boy as she massaged my palm – didnt need that bonus information thank you very much. 50% chance of getting it right of course. Definitely not having another Thai massage.

I had an oil massage with the same lady who did my foot massage earlier in the trip. She was on auto mode too. Justin and I had a facial with face massage and bonus body massage too – that was great. As usual Justin got the better girl and I looked at him with envy while my girl got more water from the bathroom or took a payment from a customer. But nothing beat my massage last night.

I told her to work my back and shoulders and she saw that they were tense too. And she actually worked on them – it was great to get customised results. She also did the other mandatory bits ie head, feet and it was very relaxing. During the course of the hour we got on to the topic of children (she asked why I didn’t have any, hmmm) and I asked her how many children she had and how old they were. She said she had one 21 yr old boy, 17 year old girl, and one 19 year old ladyboy, like it was a perfectly normal thing. I didn’t even pick up on it straight away and then I was like, did you say ladyboy? Then I was like, is that normal (I meant to say “common”) around here? And she says, first I no like because she drink and ladyboy always drink, but now she no drink she no smoke and she go school 2 years and she work so I ok, she good now. I couldn’t believe it – it’s just so accepted over here.

We have seen a few ladyboys around. They parade around Bangla rd in Patong making their money when people take photos of them, although we never saw it and avoided that area at night. They love the attention when people look and whisper, is that really a boy? Anything goes in Thailand and with the things we’ve seen and heard we agree with the speaker at the meeting last Saturday who quoted the sentiments of the people living here by saying that Phuket is the Devil’s Island. It was such a good meeting actually, the watchtower talked about how as witnesses do we sometimes feel we stick out? It’s so true and we had been talking about it during our travels. We thought we must stick out – a family travelling together, 2 married couples, daughter-in-law, and what a change that is to the other revelling travellers with their tattoos. Not that tattoes are for revellers only – everyone seems to have them here, from muscly guys to scrawny, from beach babes to chubby housewives. Well we have given a good witness here so far 🙂

Anyway must be out of bed now. It’s a gorgeous sunny day. Justin’s next to me reading a book. I caught him earlier this morning munching on chocolate. Food is good here but it’s Thai food mostly and unfortunately my stomach is not agreeing with it right now. Can’t wait to get home to a lamb chop with potatoes and a salad.

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