Sunburn Sessions

Well if your not being burnt from the inside around here you are being burn on the outside.


The beaches around here are spectacular, in Railey that is. The sand is perfect with little jungle covered islands jutting from the sea in view. We decided to spend the day or at least the majority of the day down on the sand in our deck chairs. So we got our complementary deck chairs from the Railey Beach Club office and took them down and placed them under the big trees that overhang the beach. We feel like it’s a set of Castaway with the Jungle reachin down to the sands edge with the green waters just meters away.

I hate getting sunburnt and take all the precautions necessary as I did today and so I stayed in the shade of the trees. However despite this I got sunburnt from head to toe… ok I had sunscreen on my face but from shoulders to toes I was burnt. How could this be??? It must have been the reflection of the sand bouncing into the shade. I looked like a stalk of rhubarb albeit a big chunky stalk at that.

I’ll spare you the pictures of that however the attached picture is of the beach that we access from our beach shack. I’ll try loading more pictures once I work out how to load them in bulk.

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