The Tailor

After 3 fittings we got Justin’s suit, pants, sports jacket and shirts today. They looked fabulous! We made sure they fitted really well.

The tailor we went to was a proper one recommended by trip advisor and not a random off the street. You do pay for it though, but still cheaper than Australian prices for the quality you get. It was expensive because Justin’s getting a lot done. He only has like 1 witnessing pants and so we bought 3, and a suit also. I didn’t realise he only had 2 that he could wear and they were also tailored for him in China 6 years ago so that’s why he fit them since the store ones always sat funny on him (the shoulders of course). So I’m in a bit of shock, mentally justifying that he needed them, which he really does. I reckon boys do spend more than girls in the end. We spend in dribs and drabs but they do nothing then one big purchase.

We had told the owner Niphon that we needed the pants and shirt for the meeting yesterday. He asked us about it today and so we witnessed to him. We asked him about his religion and pointed to the picture of a man in a shrine. He was a seike and this man was the last prophet. We directed him to the website and he was really impressed when he could click on the Hindi language and straight away the website was updated. He wrote it down and said he would look at it again.

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