Railay Relaxing!

Railay Beach is only reached by boat and reaching it is, what some may call, a little convoluted. A long ferry ride of two and a half hours takes us to Ao Nang, where we transfer to a couple of tuk tuks, and then a long tail boat to our destination. A long tail is a wooden boat that holds between ten and twenty people. It has a wooden proboscis at the front that reaches skyward. The motor on the back has a long beam that extends way out into the water with the propeller on it, hence the name “long tail.”

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Traveling to Railey Beach – A Comedy of Errors

Today we left Kata and headed to Railay Beach in Krabi. Also spelled Raileh. The journey here was certainly an adventure – let me tell you we are all wrecked – it is 7:30pm and we’re all in bed already.

Justin and I sit here under our mosquito net with the fans blowing. We are in one of the Railay Beach Club houses and it’s all open, the doors are all open, and we hear the waves crash just 50 meters in front of us. We have the limestone cliffs just behind us. We’ve already checked the Tsunami evacuation and all good – there are meeting points, and 2 hours of warning apparently and a high point on the east side of the peninsula to go to.

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The Tailor

After 3 fittings we got Justin’s suit, pants, sports jacket and shirts today. They looked fabulous! We made sure they fitted really well.

The tailor we went to was a proper one recommended by trip advisor and not a random off the street. You do pay for it though, but still cheaper than Australian prices for the quality you get. It was expensive because Justin’s getting a lot done. He only has like 1 witnessing pants and so we bought 3, and a suit also. I didn’t realise he only had 2 that he could wear and they were also tailored for him in China 6 years ago so that’s why he fit them since the store ones always sat funny on him (the shoulders of course). So I’m in a bit of shock, mentally justifying that he needed them, which he really does. I reckon boys do spend more than girls in the end. We spend in dribs and drabs but they do nothing then one big purchase.

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